Because of jobs in IT area, have been on the rise for years as technology overtakes more traditional ways of carrying out work-related tasks with a more in-depth knowledge of technology. There is a large range of different roles within the IT, and many different specialties one can decide to work towards depending on experience and interests. That's why companies use professional IT recruitment agency to match candidate to a plethora of positions based on the qualifications and experience required.

"IT Staff Recruitment Service" is served for customers who want to employ permanence staff by our recruitment process. After the search and selection from our resume database, we screens, tests and interviews all candidates and then present only those that meet specific requirements. Also advice customer to qualify candidates by appropriate level requirement, project expertise needs, matching technical skills and experience profile. Also we attract candidates through advertising and marketing, ensuring that when you request your job vacancy with us, you will not be disappointed. 50% fee is usually paid when a candidate is hired and the rest for 50% fee will be paid after offering probation period guarantee has completed.

IT Developer

Finding really good developers has never been easy, but with a colossal database of talented programmers, we pride ourselves in the sheer depth of our developer with a team who understand development and what’s appealing to a developer.

IT Support Staff

Finding people isn’t difficult, finding the right people takes time but is well worth the effort. There’s a shortage of people with stable employment history and impressive communication skills. Our database of support people caters for every imaginable technical application and discipline.

IT Management

Manager can be critical to a company’s overall success; bring direction, new strategy, deep industry understanding and project experience, those that are firstly determined with management skill to maximize profitability.

Specialist IT

The companies have relied on us to deliver specialist IT recruitment in a constant effort to remain efficient and competitive in tightening markets. We understand global business operation and the IT demands that a big business makes.

Our Clients