Today's high-pressure business world compels your organization to be more agile, improve operational efficiency, and meet operator's needs for new applications and technologies more rapidly, this make IT employments can be changed all the time while the budget is fixed. That's why companies outsource IT staff; it’s usually in direct response to specific business needs for flexible IT management. Whether it’s to save cost under the budget, more flexible for IT project management, reduce turnover and/or control an issue of recruiting volume.

“IT Staff Outsourcing Service” is provided for customers who typically, and on short notice, want to employ staff for a fixed period of time with monthly base fee. Our staff outsourcing service allows our customers to match their staff needs to their business demands without the legal and monetary risks of employing full time staff. We will take responsibility for quickly selecting the right staff and then recruitment, maintaining the payroll, retaining and replacement, of these staff while allowing our customers can better focus on main business operations.

With our professional recruitment processes, employee benefits, training and retention policies; the customer can stay assured that we keep our services and staff to professional standards. We carefully select employees by thoroughly testing every aspect like their attitude, experience, service mind and their competence to do their job. This makes sure our people are qualified and ready for continuously learning new skills and technologies.

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