Manufacturing System Features

To make the production in control by using barcode to identify inventory since raw material until shipment

All activities of production process can be traced back to support process and quality improvement.

Product Traceability and Process Control

• Serialize and batch production supported
• Process step control
• Production history traceability
• Raw material usage and assembly control
• Pack and Shipment process e.g.

Real-Time reporting

• Individual unit history
• Production summary reports
      - Production output
      - Work-In-Process inventory
      - Other


• No Good/Defect unit data record onto the system
• Unit Rework process control
• Inspection and validation for quality control
• Reduce defect with Actionable data and notification

Efficiency and Performance report

• Overall Production Efficiency
• Production performance reports
• Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Mobile computer Supported

• Use mobile computer and barcode scanner to give ability to scan items quickly and accurately

Integration with external system

• Allow to customize to integrate with existing machine
• Ability to integrate with ERP and related system

Equipment/Tooling Management system

• Register all equipment/Tooling use in the line
• Number of Time or Date usage limit control
• Equipment Calibration information tracking

Fixed Asset Tracking

• Number of time usage history tracking
• Lead-time control report
• Book value calculation
• Mobile computer supported

Production target board

• Real-Time plan vs actual output monitoring
• Centralize multiple production line output
• Various type of sensor and hardware integration supported
• Display on TV/LCD Monitor

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